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Stunting in the hand crafted “Bimbi” earrings by karmajewels 

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Pretty ladies take a photo. 

Washington DC 

Shot by Tea
La Morena…

Shot by themikeofficial

Washington DC

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Burn American Dream.

Shot by Tiffany Jackson




I grew up with Fred Crump Jr. fairy tales; get his books here. Thankful for parents that knew Representation Matters. 

My mother used to read these to me every night

will never not reblog.

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"Black children don’t have a problem with self-esteem, they have a problem with cultural esteem. They don’t like being AFRICAN."
 Dr. Molefi Kete Asante  (via shaelii)

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They say:

"We have a girl that looks like you already…"

"You should consider another profession, we doubt that you will have any success as a model…"

"Your too tall…"

"Yea, you should really work on your hips your perfect everywhere else but…"

"You gotta really try to whiten up your book-it’s just too urban, it’s too black…"

"Well one thing you have going for you is your ambiguity, I mean your not offensively black and that’s a plus…"

No matter what anyone says. I’ve decided to show the world what I am working with and proceed to be phucking flawless.

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Photographer: Porshe Antalan

Hair + Styling: Marquis Laurent

Make Up Artistry : Ashley Grey

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party in the back…
"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears."
Les Brown (via thecalminside)

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Govornors Ball was quite the adventure :) I’m so stankful I was able to see OutKast and share the experience with my home slice, Morgan.

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Behind the scenes shots snapped with Yah Yah while on set for the Creme of Nature Campaign :) Keep a look out for the magazine shots and billboards coming soon ;)

Getting ready…

Shot by ikeslimster

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Growing up I remember there are two moments in school that stuck with me. The day I learned to create collages and the day I learned to write poetry. The two art forms inspired me because they were free of rules and regulations. I was taught I could express myself however I wanted. I’ve loved the art of expression through various mediums ever since. Thank you for recreating this image @drgraphicsi  as I stated in the original post, my friends- DO IT BIG AND DONT STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH :)

Live in Love

I see the importance of positivity and doing the things you love. With love and positivity as the motive of our actions we as beings cannot help but experience greatness. I believe the Universe responds to the energy we resonate so lets make strides to live a life in love.

I am in love with my life. I am in love with my abilities and faults. I am in love with the bonds that I have made along my journey and I am happy to see what the future holds.

”..But if you have the eyes of love, you just see love wherever you go..” -Don Miguel 

The Mastery of Love - Guide to the art of Relationships.

shot by Andres Latorre

styled by Ieasha Tiffany

mua +hair  Brionna Jones

necklace  Karma Boutique

Love what you do. Do what you love.