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Tea Twins on the way to Afropunk 

Tea Shirt by THTRM (
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Pretty Pink. 

Baby Blue.
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You already know the rule. Reblog him when you see him.
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TEA shirts coming soon :) Come be apart of the TEAm.

Graphic by Deseri Rice (@drgraphicisi on IG

Photo by SELF (

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It’s taken some time for me to learn to live in the present moment. I had to learn that right now I am exactly where I need to be. When working on my craft this lesson is gold. For one to capture my true essence, I must be present, must be fearless and must be, me. I can’t be distracted by what was,for that is no more. I can’t cloud my mind with what ahead, for that has yet to come. The life long task of constructing that which is Tea is indeed challenging. I choose to believe I come fully qualified and equipt for the journey. I just have to remain present, and simply be.

My fellow beings…my challenge to you,


Photography by Jason Forbes and Jose Compre

Makeup Artistry by moshoodat
Styled by Tea


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Live long, Laugh much.

Shot by acolorbrownshot
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Stunting in the hand crafted “Bimbi” earrings by karmajewels 

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Pretty ladies take a photo. 

Washington DC 

Shot by Tea
La Morena…

Shot by themikeofficial

Washington DC

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Burn American Dream.

Shot by Tiffany Jackson




I grew up with Fred Crump Jr. fairy tales; get his books here. Thankful for parents that knew Representation Matters. 

My mother used to read these to me every night

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"Black children don’t have a problem with self-esteem, they have a problem with cultural esteem. They don’t like being AFRICAN."
 Dr. Molefi Kete Asante  (via shaelii)

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They say:

"We have a girl that looks like you already…"

"You should consider another profession, we doubt that you will have any success as a model…"

"Your too tall…"

"Yea, you should really work on your hips your perfect everywhere else but…"

"You gotta really try to whiten up your book-it’s just too urban, it’s too black…"

"Well one thing you have going for you is your ambiguity, I mean your not offensively black and that’s a plus…"

No matter what anyone says. I’ve decided to show the world what I am working with and proceed to be phucking flawless.

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More of the Model Tea »>

Photographer: Porshe Antalan

Hair + Styling: Marquis Laurent

Make Up Artistry : Ashley Grey

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party in the back…